Who are we?

JiN Boutique 21 was established in January 2021 by Nancy and Morne Butner,

Nancy who has a passion for all things nails with lots of drive and talent.

This passion came from being shown how to take care of her own nails and

discovering the wonderful world of nail art. Tiffany Smith our partner

at JiN Boutique 21, who became part JiN Boutique 21 by friendship, the

admiration of the nail art world and the passion for the different sectors of

the beauty industry.

JiN Boutique 21 is a home-based business run by friends who have a passion

for the beauty industry. JiN Boutique 21 is all about giving back to the Nail

Community by creating FAIR PRICES, so all Technicians, regardless of

Gender or Race, can provide the same affordable quality and care to their

clients. We offer a wide range of affordable nail products, services and hand

painted press on nails.

Our nail products are sourced from numerous stores, so we can offer to you

great quality at affordable prices. Browse through the online store, by

clicking on the “Products” button below, to start your exciting shopping

journey with us and the amazing range of affordable nail products.

Alternatively, you can click on the “Contact us” button in the footer of this page,

to get in touch with us if you need any assistance or looking for a certain

product, we will happily answer any and all questions.

All services are available to you at the pleasure of your own home as we are

a traveling salon. Click on the "Services" button to arrange your

appointment with us.

We look forward to providing you with our best services.

With love,


JiN Boutique 21