Wedding Fun With Jin Boutique 21

At Jin Boutique 21 and in conjunction with our partners, we strive to make your special day less
stressful and so much more magical.

Our bridal packages, are fully customizable and can include several Trail sessions to ensure,
that the final product we use will last through the special day and even your honeymoon thereafter,
your nails need to be in stunning condition, every time you get to show off that beautiful ring as a
Newly Wed.

Wedding Nails

We offer bridal parties where we get to take care of you, your bridesmaids, your mother, and
even your soon to be mother in law with manicures, pedicures, drinks and snacks. Giving everyone
some much needed pampering and bonding time before the big day.  With the consistency of our
nail artists, your photos will look flawless, as the essence of your style will be captured in
each set of nails.

wedding nails 2

We offer a wide variety of Aftercare Products, and tasty chocolate treats, that we can mold to
your specification, for gifts to the people who helped you create your dream wedding or your
bridesmaids and groomsmen at he bachelorette and bachelor parties or maybe your
wedding guests on the big day or even just to take with on honeymoon.

Wedding nails 3

From body scrubs to heavenly tasting chocolates for every occasion, be it the naughty occasions,
the serious occasions, the after party fun or the main event, we can help you add that personal
touch to make each occasion special and unique.

wedding Nails End