Décor Gel

Our Decor Gels are a collection of different funky Gels, from Explosive Platinum gel, to Glitter to Glow in the dark. HAVE FUN!

Party Gel


  • Spider Gel

    Spider Gel is used for painting thin lines. A special viscosity, nail art color gel ideal for the lovers of perfectly straight and extra-thin 3D lines! Making spider web design, thin strands and string patterns easy.

  • Stamping Gel

    Stamping gel polish is developed specifically for stamping. Besides making stamping easier, JiN's stamping gel polishes are great with pigments, Mirror powder, acrylic powder and glitter powder. They all cure in both UV and LED light and the eight colours cures to shiny.

  • Ink

    Effortlessly achieve water-colour, airbrushed, marble, stripe and flower designs with our brand new Blooming Gel. 100% Gel system; Non-shrink and Non-Yellowing. LED and UV curable;

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